For School Staff

It is critical that school districts develop written procedures for staff to follow when warning signs of suicide are observed or suspected. Staff are uniquely positioned to identify warning signs and subtle behavior changes, and schools should plan for what to do if suicide risk is identified. School mental health and student support staff are capable of providing further intervention.

Sign up your school for the Got5 Challenge and get free Crisis Text Line materials to share with your students. Register and learn more about the Got5 Challenge.

There are a variety of suicide prevention training programs designed specifically for the needs of the school community. Visit the Training Options page to learn more.

Resources for educators:

Crisis Text Line Marketing Toolkit

Suicide Prevention In The Classroom

What Every Teacher Needs To Know: Recognizing Suicide Risk in Students 

What Every Teacher Needs To Know: Recognizing Suicide Risk in Students (Spanish version) 

Warning Signs video

Warm Handoff video

Sources of Strength is a suicide-prevention program that utilizes peer leaders to change unhealthy norms and culture and, ultimately, prevent bullying, substance use, and suicide.

Good Behavior Game is an evidence-based classroom program that improves self-regulation and co-regulation among 1st and 2nd graders. Longitudinal studies have found decreases in suicide, mental health problems, and substance use, among other outcomes.

JED Foundation provides resources and information for High School personnel