Resources – Guide for NY Schools

For School Leaders

School Readiness Workbook: This workbook offers a framework, checklists, and resources that school leaders and/or school implementation teams, can use to:

  1. Assess current suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention readiness
  2. Obtain professional development and training for staff
  3. Develop suicide intervention and postvention procedures
  4. Produces a plan to implement suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention initiatives
  5. Find high quality resources
  6. Track effectiveness of efforts

Model School District Policy for Suicide PreventionThis model policy was created through a collaboration between the Trevor Project, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the American School Counselors Association, and the National Association of School

Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High SchoolsPublished by SAMHSA, this toolkit provides best practice guidance and many templates and It can be downloaded or hard copies can be ordered at no cost.

After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schoolscan be printed and offers a grab and go guide for responding.

Mental health Education Literacy in Schools: Linking to a Continuum of Well-Being –  A comprehensive guide for New York Schools published by NYSED.

School Mental Health Resource and Training Center –  at MHANYS was established to support schools to implement Chapter 390 of the Law of 2016, requiring mental health instruction as part of the K-12 health

School and Mental Health Partnerships: Improving School and Community Outcomes for Children and Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioral

Promoting Parent Engagement: Improving Student Health and Academic Achievement

Online Resources For Parents

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide Parent Pages – Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide offers answers to common parent questions about suicide.  They offer web-based, video, and printable resources for parents on a variety of related topics.

Mayo Clinic parent awareness video, brief, warning signs – The Mayo Clinic offers a brief awareness video for parents.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Suicide Resource Center  -I s a website dedicated to providing resources to parents, medical students and primary care physicians on the prevention on child and youth suicide.

Printable Resources For Parents

SPC-NY Parent brochure – The Suicide Prevention Center of New York has a brochure for parents on talking to your teens about suicide.

CDC Adolescent and School Health Divisionoffers School Connectedness for Parents and Families, a printable

What to do if you’re concerned about your teen’s mental health: A conversation guideThe JED Foundation offers a guide for parents who are concerned about their teen’s mental health.

Ways to Engage in YourChild’s School to Support Student Health and Learning – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a tip sheet for parents on how to work with your child’s school when there are health or learning challenges.

Online Resources For Educators

Act on FACTS: Making Educators Partners in TeenSuicide Prevention – two-hour online training for educators.

Warm Handoff GuidelineA brief video to provide common warning signs of suicide and how to make a warm handoff to school mental health resources.

Self-care and compassion resilience are two important concepts in protecting the mental health of educators

Printable Resources For Educators

SPC-NY Teachers brochure with common warning

The role of high school teachers in preventing suicide

Wise Wisconsin – offers 7 promises of a trusted adult and a Safe Persons Decal for those who challenge themselves to uphold the 7 promises.