About Us

About Us

The Suicide Prevention Center of New York (SPCNY) is operated by the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene with funding from the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH). Working in tandem, SPCNY and OMH seek to apply a combined clinical and public health approach to suicide prevention implementation as articulated in the New York State Suicide Prevention Plan. Taking a public health approach to suicide prevention, SPCNY prioritizes community-level strategic planning and intervention to complement the clinical approach taken by OMH. SPCNY leverages 57 county suicide prevention coalitions and a network of skilled, certified trainers for both local and statewide impact.

SPCNY staff are experts in community, school, and youth suicide prevention. SPCNY works extensively with suicide prevention coalitions throughout the state to identify, select, and implement data-driven programs and policies. SPCNY developed and provided the first Coalition Academy to equip suicide prevention coalitions with the knowledge and skills they need to implement best practices in their communities. SPCNY also provides seed funding to support the implementation of data-driven activities and has provided training in program evaluation to help assess implementation and outcomes.

SPCNY has developed multiple trainings and workshops for school personnel including Creating Suicide Safety in Schools, Suicide Safety for Teachers and Staff, and Helping Students at Risk for Suicide. A train the trainer model, developed and implemented by SPCNY, has helped expand the network of trainers and the reach of the trainings. As a result, SPCNY is able to train over 10,000 school personnel per year. SPCNY also provides consultation to schools, school districts, professional organizations, and state and local agencies.

In addition to school trainings, SPCNY facilitates the delivery of gatekeeper trainings for communities throughout the state by supporting and leveraging a network of trainers. SPCNY trains in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and safeTALK, and provides training materials and support to other certified trainers.

SPCNY also leverages strategic partnerships to advance suicide prevention on college and university campuses, as well as with high risk groups such as those with alcohol or drug use problems and individuals identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. SPCNY also partners with data and surveillance experts to ensure that they address state-specific gaps in services. Working with New York State OMH, SPCNY plans and hosts the annual New York State Suicide Prevention Conference, bringing together professionals in suicide prevention from across the state and providing the forum for knowledge transfer and collaboration.

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