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High School Educator
Suicide Prevention Training Simulation

At-Risk for High School Educators is a one-hour online, interactive gatekeeper training simulation designed to prepare high school teachers and staff to:

1) recognize the common indicators of psychological distress and
2) approach an at-risk student for referral to the appropriate school support service.

Learners engage in conversations with emotionally responsive student avatars that exhibit signs of psychological distress.

New York State Office of Mental Health and the Suicide Prevention Center of New York offer a broad range of suicide prevention trainings and resources for education. The At-Risk training has been selected for its unique ability to provide a risk-free practice environment where educators can build their skills and integrate use of proven communications techniques. These techniques can help them be more effective and proactive in connecting students to professional services that they may need.

High Schools in New York State can gain access to the At-Risk training at no cost by applying to participate in the program. Participating schools should establish a goal of training at least half of their full-time staff. Both full- and part-time staff are eligible to take the training. Click to register.


Schools may select their own way of implementing the training with staff. Here are a few suggestions of approaches that have worked in the past:

In-Service Training: some principals will be able to set aside time for teachers and staff to take the training in school during a professional development day.

Professional Development Credits: in some locations principals give their staff the option to take the training at their convenience and count the completion (verified by certificate awarded at the end) toward annual professional development requirements. Some state departments of education may have a process for approving the training for PD or CE credits.

Open Voluntary Enrollment:
schools can offer the course to staff to complete on a voluntary basis. Materials are provided to support promotion of the course: Customizable presentation slides, emails, handouts and posters promoting the need for the training and the training itself.

Outreach Tools

After joining the program, a range of marketing materials are available for your use in reaching out to school staff and relevant stakeholders. These include:

Powerpoint presentation for use in meetings with staff

Customizable flyer for mailboxes

Email language


Schools interested in joining the program should contact:

Schools interested in joining the program should contact:

Pat Breux, Youth Suicide Prevention Specialist